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Riddell Wins $5 Million Helmet Patent Suit Against Schutt Sports

As if the football helmet business didn’t have enough challenges, a jury recently awarded a major win to Riddell over rival Schutt Sports for patent infringement.
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SFIA, Footwear Companies Object to Tariffs

With the U.S. trade war against China seeming headed into the summer, SFIA is brining the sports and fitness industry together in an effort to fight against tariffs on their products; program set-up to file List 4 tariff exemption petitions.
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Report from NSGA Management Conference and Team Dealer Summit

The NSGA Management Conference and Team Dealer Summit, held May 21-23 in Braselton, GA, can more accurately be called the Team Dealer Summit and Management Conference... 
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Basketball Uniform Changes

Numbers on basketball jerseys can no longer be the same color as the jerseys, effective with the 2024-25 season...
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On My Mind...

Having just returned from the NSGA Management Conference and Team Dealer Summit in the sort-of-out-of-the-way Braselton, GA...
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Two-Minute Drill…

Shock Doctor has entered into a partnership with Odell Beckham Jr. for the launch of the new Interchange Lip Guard.
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July/August 2020 Issue

One thing is certain in these uncertain times — business will never be conducted as it used to be, even a few months ago. (Remember the “good old days” when a meeting with the AD meant stopping by the office with a cup of coffee and a pencil ready for ordering!) Read the full story.


Unfinished business. That’s the best way to describe the 2019-20 basketball season, which will remain, for the most part, forever in limbo with many unanswered questions and dreams frozen in time.  Read the full story.


Lost Diamonds

To use a backyard sports metaphor, the Spring 2020 baseball and softball season was one big whiff for the team business. Never before has an entire season been sent to the showers, leaving dealers holding inventory, receiving cancelled POs and longing for the days when tracking down a late delivery was their biggest concern. Read the full story


Topping it Off

Roundtable: The Team Insight Headwear Roundtable explores the different cap needs of a season like no other.  Read the full story


Tap Into Team Pride

You aren’t really a member (or fan) of the team unless you have a custom cap to prove it. Originally developed to protect a player’s eyes from the sun while on the field, baseball caps have evolved from a simple, functional head covering to one of the most coveted pieces of every athlete’s sports kit.  Read the full story


Pat Donnelly Interview

Reflecting the increasing role the team business is playing within the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), Pat Donnelly, of Donnelly Sports, recently began a three-year term as chair of the association. Owner/partner of Donnelley Sports, a team dealer that has been in business for 45 years in Idaho and Nevada.   Read the full story.

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The cancellation of the spring sports season was a catastrophe for team dealers, but they dealt with it and have moved on. Summer camps remain a question in many parts of the country as well, but most dealers are positioned to react as needed to what happens in their territories. Read the full story.


After a tough couple of months – to say the least – the team business wants to get back to normal — or something close to it. The best we can do right now is take it one day at a time, to put our best foot forward as it were.  Read the full story.


Setting Goals

The importance of having goals has taken on a whole new meaning in the time of COVID-19. Stay-at-home has meant an uptick in sales of backyard goals and nets, but with distribution turned upside down and entire seasons cancelled, vendors and dealers are looking ahead to a time when players return to the fields. Read the full story


Uniform Builders

The proliferation of  online Uniform Builders being offered by almost all of the major apparel, sock and headwear vendors is perhaps the most effective use of technology for team dealers. When combined with online team stores, dealers can offer their customers services unheard of even a few years ago.  Read the full story


Business Advice

As the team sports world finds itself rapidly adopting virtual meetings, many people struggle while attempting to translate the in-person experience to an online format. That can be particularly difficult and challenging in a ”people” business such as team sports. Read the full story


Pandemic Responses

With much of the team sports business grinding to a halt over the past two months, Team Insight and TeamInsightExtra, our digital newsletter, have been busy chronicling the myriad efforts being made by suppliers to the team industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full story.