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JANuary / FEBruary 2013
Spring Training
With the baseball bat confusion in the rear view mirror, optimism runs rampant as team dealers get ready for the new baseball season.

Open mouth, insert guard. Mouthguard vendors have made it their mission to help team dealers speak up.
MARch / APRil 2013
Team Trends
Girls Definitely Got Game in 2013; Olympic Wrestling Goes Overtime In Its Fight for Survival.

Female Sales (Fast) Pitch: Softball players are unique customers. Are dealers and vendors listening to them?
MAY / JUNe 2013
Strong Safety
The football business is focusing on safety at all levels, but the challenge for dealers is explaining to schools, coaches, players and parents that the additional protection comes with a cost.
JULy / AUGust 2013
Protective Apparel
With the increased emphasis on safety of all kinds, it makes sense that the most basic piece of equipment – the uniform – will take the next step into athlete protection.
SEPtember / OCTober 2013
A Re-LAXed State of Mind
Lacrosse has a language all its own: Baltimore Crab, Carry the Pizza, Lay Some Lumber, Seal the Corner, and Walk the Dog. Team dealers would do well to learn these terms to score in a very special specialty sport.
NOVember / DECember 2013
The World’s Game
But is it America’s game? 
Team dealers and soccer retailers debate how to get the most out of the soccer’s huge participation base in a year when the world’s attention will turn to the sport.
JANuary / FEBruary 2012
Tangled Up In (Too Many) Rules; NSGA Launches College Scholarship Program.

Baseball’s Full Count America’s Pastime continues to change on every level from Little League to the pros.
MARch / APRil 2012
Cheerleading gives dealers 
a chance to shine on the sideline.

The cheer market is hanging onto its strength and numbers, motivating dealers to get in the game.
MAY / JUNe 2012
It’s (Budget) Crunch Time For 
Football Sales Across America.

Team dealers face some serious business challenges in soccer, where specialty dealers 
have established a firm foothold.
JULy / AUGust 2012
Is Basketball Much Ado About Very little for Team Dealers?

Decorating in a digital world. What you need to know about technology, fabrications and customization options available.
SEPtember / OCTober 2012
Technology: Packing It
Online player packs are making life a lot easier – and more profitable – for team dealers willing to take the leap away from paper.
NOVember / DECember 2012
Ten Hot Topics for 2013.
Need to look smart in your next staff meeting? Drop any of these 10 topics into your next staff meeting and you'll get nods of approval and smiles of recognition in the coffee room.
JANuary / FEBruary 2011
Baseball 2011: Hard Hitting. With bat regulations changing every season, dealers are being cautious in their baseball purchasing.

Performance Magic: The very definition of performance apparel is changing every season.
MARch / APRil 2011
Female athletes have taken their games to the next level and team dealers and vendors are providing the tools they need to get there.

Rise and Shine: Women's lacrosse just may be the next big thing for team dealers
MAY / JUNe 2011
Social media offers team dealers a new way to reach their customers.

The Team Insight vendor roundtable convenes to talk about goals, nets and how team dealers can sell more of them.
JULy / AUGust 2011
Dealers look to frequent players, both male and female, to keep the basketball business driving the lane.

Just Do It... Now!
Five strategies for implementing social media into your business
SEPtember / OCTober 2011
Special Times in Lacrosse and a look at key specialty sports driving the team business.

Plus — BSN Sports.
NOVember / DECember 2011
The 2011 Soccer Event will kick it in Los Angeles this month.

Plus — Team Sock Vendor RoundTable